Sanshusha Japan Foundation Marugoto Japanese Words and Culture Intermediate 1 Textbook, 785 g

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Immersive Japanese learning to develop personal and proactive language skills.

It's frustrating to find a textbook that meets your study goals when learning intermediate Japanese, but Japan Foundation's Marugoto intermediate textbook provides handy and practical study towards communicating in Japanese the way you want. Based on the Intermediate B1 level of the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education, this textbook looks to truly explore your Japanese capabilities, teaching useful grammar and sentence structures that build description, emotion and intent into your everyday language practice. Offering you more ways to interact with Japanese travel and culture content, as well as topics of interest, this book introduces more curious aspects of Japanese language through its exercises, to test your recognition of key points and how to discuss words or grammar you're unsure of. This encourages you into naturally thinking in Japanese, so you can closely connect with the language and tackle a variety of colourful topics in a modern, approachable style. Aiming to motivate study through your own interests, Marugoto offers a hub of textbook and online resources (including transcripts, conversation challenges, exercise answers and audio files) to review and build upon, whether you're looking to live in Japan, appreciate its culture or just master its everyday spoken language.

ISBN: 9784384057591


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