The Japanese Tea Ceremony Cha-no-yu and the Zen Art of Mindfulness Book, 365 g

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The perfect book to read over a cup of your favourite tea.

As a historic cornerstone of Japanese culture and a regularly mastered discipline of Zen Buddhism, the Japanese art of tea ceremony (otherwise known as cha-no-yu) is an intricately deep and contemplating process towards cultivating one's well-being, but also a thoroughly charming celebration of tea and its many tastes and aromas. This book, a detailed examination of the five-centuries-old ritual, vibrantly takes you through every aspect of the tradition, with over 160 drawings and 40 photos showcasing each carefully practiced step, equipment, landscaping and dress. Even taking in wider practices within the broader framework of the tea ceremony, this book unveils its exquisite artistry and detail in full. A fragrant blend of information to truly immerse you in each page.

Written by A.L Sadler. Foreword by Laura C. Martin.



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