Mikakuto Kororo Grape Flavoured Gummy, 48 g Quasi esaurito (solo 1 disponibili)

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Made with 100% real grape juice.

These delightfully fruity gummy sweets are not only packed with a refreshing grape flavour, but are just the right size, shape and texture to pop in your mouth and enjoy like a real grape. The remaining bunch are kept fresh in the resealable bag. These sweets can also be added to fizzy drinks and cocktails.


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Japanese sweets and candies have a home in the UK, and that home is Japan Centre! From boiled sweets in such incredibly diverse flavours as milk, darjeeling tea and kumquat, to chewy, gummy candies in just about every fruit flavour imaginable, we truly have Japanese sweet foods to suit every taste and preference. Just remember to brush your teeth afterwards!

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Valori nutrizionali

Per 100g:
• Energy: 1102kJ/268kcal
• Fat: 0g
• Carbohydrate: 68.5g
• Protein: 1.25g
• Salt: 0.02g

Ingredients and allergens

Fructose-Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Concentrated Grape Juice, Mizuame Starch Syrup, Collagen, Grape Puree, Vegetable Oil, Glycerine, Acidulant, Gelling Agent(Polysaccharide Thickener), Flavouring, Dipotassium Hydrogenphosphate, Potassium Citrate, Wax, Cellulose, Glazing Agent, Stabiliser(CMC), Calcium Lactate, Beef, Gelatine.


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These sweet were very tasty but I wasn't sure about the texture.