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Bamboo Hishaku Ladle for Tea Ceremony, 70 g


For putting on your very own traditional tea ceremonies.

Made from glossy, high-quality lacquered bamboo wood, this traditional hishaku ladle is designed to move hot water from a kettle or pot into your chawan teacups. The simple beauty of this authentic Japanese teaware also makes it a fantastic ornamental piece.

Measures approx. 40cm in length, and ladle is 8cm in diameter, and 5.5cm in height.


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2 Valutazioni
I bought this hishaku ladle for a Still Life competition, it was the perfect accessory for my *** theme
Superb craftsmanship. I ordered 2 of these in error but am returning them both as I did not realise the size is not as I expected imagining they are much smaller. Unless there is a gathering of several guests and a large *** is being used for preparing matcha this type of ladle is too big.