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Skater My Neighbour Totoro Food Containers and Oshibori Hand Towel Set, 85 g, 3 pieces


A lovely and charming My Neighbour Totoro packed lunch set.

Give the gift of countless memorable picnics and lunches to the littlest Studio Ghibli and My Neighbour Totoro fan with this packed lunch container set. In a mystical box featuring loved characters from Hayao Miyazaki's cult-classic animated film, this set includes one large and one small container, each with capped holes to allow freshly cooked food to steam, and a 100% cotton oshibori hand towel. Containers microwave safe.

Larger food container measures approx. 17.8cm in length, 11.9cm in width, and 5.5cm in height, holds approx 500ml.
Smaller food container measures approx. 13.3cm in length, 8.6cm in width, and 5.4cm in height, holds approx 240ml.
Oshibori hand towel measures approx. 28cm in length and 32cm in width.


Maggiori informazioni

Bento are Japanese style lunch boxes. Not just a convenient meal, bento have been elevated to an art form with bento makers competing to create bento lunchbox contents in the shape of famous fictional characters, landmarks or animals.

Istruzioni e osservazioni

Wash in warm water with gentle soap only.

Oshibori hand towel:
Wash at 40 degrees with gentle detergents. No salt based bleaches should be used.

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Just beautiful. Very nice gift.