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  • 14102 higa shuzo zanpa white okinawan awamori rice spirit

Higa Shuzo Zanpa White Okinawan Awamori Rice Spirit, 720 ml Quasi esaurito (solo 2 disponibili)

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Authentic Okinawan awamori.

Transport yourself to the sunny Okinawa islands with a chilled glass of outstanding awamori, otherwise known as shimazake (island sake). Nothing like that of the mainland, this Okinawan speciality spirit is made from long grain indica rice and the island's own black koji. The vibrant fruity fragrance and a light, delicate mouthfeel is easy to enjoy, especially on the rocks or mixed with water.


Maggiori informazioni

Awamori is a rice based alcoholic drink traditionally made in Okinawa, or the Ryukyuan Islands. Distilled rather than brewed, so more similar to shochu than sake, this drink is used in many Okinawan dishes. It can be drunk straight, or on the rocks or in mixers. 

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Alcohol: 25%

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My son bought me a bottle after his visit to Japan