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Japanese Ink-Painting: Lessons in Suiboku Technique Book, 275 g

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Here is a book to teach the beginner the fundamental techniques of suiboku, the unique form of Oriental art that has produced some of the world's finest masterpieces of ink-painting. Originating in China and having its spiritual basis in Zen Buddhism, this form of expressing nature's colours through shades of black ink monochrome has been enjoyed throughout the centuries in the Orient as a hobby for the amateur.

The author, who has devoted himself to acquainting more than 500 foreigners in Japan with the spirit and the special characteristics of this art, offers you step-by-step lessons with easy-to-understand explanations through nearly 60 illustrations, including 6 in colour. The numerous photographs at the end of the book, in addition to the works of great masters in the art of suiboku, include several painting by the author's pupils to prove what the amateur can achieve through careful observation of instructions and patient practice.

Paperback with 96 pages.

ISBN: 9780804832601


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Easy to follow and good enough for beginners too