Vino di prugne Umeshu, Takara, 750 ml Quasi esaurito (solo 1 disponibili)

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Una bottiglia da 750ml di vino di prugne umeshu.
Questo umeshu ha un sapore dolce e fruttato e il gusto dell'alcol non è persistente. L'umeshu è una bevanda da sempre popolare in Giappone e assaporandolo vi sembrerà di trovarvi nei ruggenti anni '20.


Maggiori informazioni

Umeshu is made by steeping unripened Japanese plums in alcohol and sugar to allow the flavours to infuse, some bottles even come with the whole plum still inside! This type of alcohol tastes sweet and sour and is great mixed with soda or drunk straight on the rocks.

Istruzioni e osservazioni

This delicious drink is fantastic as either an aperitif or digestif.
• Drink straight, on the rocks or with champagne for a truly indulgent cocktail.
• Mix Ume Shu with lemonade or soda to make an ume sour.
• Add a splash to hot green tea to make a delicious winter warmer.

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Valori nutrizionali

Alcohol Content: 10.0%



19 Valutazioni
Excellent... I will definitely buy again
This is one of two Umeshu plum wines which I buy, both are excellent but have slightly different flavours. I have repeatedly bought both. To call them wine in the traditional sense is not strictly true, they are created in a similar way to the many fruit flavoured gins which are currently popular.\ni.e. put the fruit into the alcohol and let the flavour diffuse. Umeshu plum 'wine' is a unique style of drink, I would recommend it as an alternative to sherry or dessert wine.
Good flavour and excellent value
Very well packaged and tastes great!
Lovely sake for the price – can be enjoyed warm or cold.
It is nice. It has a full flavour. Not so sweet.
The description was accurate and the product fine
For the bottle size and price, you cannot go wrong with this sweet plumb wine which makes for a great entry of new to this type of winemaking. There are however smoother ones on the site at a slightly higher cost.
Decent, but not as nice as other brands I've tried
Top quality plum wine.
It’s a gift so can’t really give feedback on this question.
A great, mellow umeshu
This is about the only brand of alcohol my wife likes. Quite sweet for me, but it is still very enjoyable, smooth and with no bad after taste.
straight over ice is great.
Very tasty
A delicious and smooth reminder of nights spent in Japan's izakayas! On the rocks on a summer evening or around a fire in winter, it warms the heart.
Very tasty
Great value and smooth tasting. Always a bottle on the table when I am hosting my Japanese dinner parties!