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Kasumitsuru Kimoto Junmai Sake, 270 ml

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Sake at its most traditional.

For almost 300 years, Kasumitsuru have been producing quality sake from their brewery in Hyogo prefecture, dedicated to perfecting the original, labour intensive Kimoto and Yamahai methods of brewing where sake history began. This premium sake has been made with the Kimoto method, which takes twice as long as more modern methods, but ultimately leaves stronger strains of yeast to continue brewing alcohol long after they would usually die out. The result is deeper and more complex aromas and flavours. Full-bodied and rich in umami, this sake is best enjoyed with stronger-tasting foods that will not be overpowered by your drink.


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The oldest method of sake making, kimoto is very rare these days due to its labor intensiveness. In kimoto style sake the starter yeast and rice is mashed with poles by hand to remove oxygen from the mixture and help the bacteria produce lactic acid. Kimoto sakes tend to be complex and richer in flavour.

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Alcohol: 15%


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Superb sake