Dear Laura Eye Catching Beauty Instant Eyelid Lift Strips, 20 g, 100 strips Quasi esaurito (solo 1 disponibili)


A soft approach for lifting eyelids.

Direct from the beauty experts in Japan, this pack of 100 ultra-fine, invisible adhesive eyelid strips have been designed to gently lift eyelids and create a natural looking crease to frame your eyes and make them seem larger. This is a non-invasive, long-lasting and non-permanent method with instant, eye catching results.


Istruzioni e osservazioni

To apply Dear Laura Eye Catching Beauty lift strips:

• Apply to one eye at a time. Apply the strip starting near the inner corner of the upper eyelid (near the nose).
• Close the eye and press the strips firmly and deeply into the desired crease line of the upper eyelid.
• Trim any excess length with cosmetic (rounded tip) scissors.
• Slowly open the eye and gently apply pressure along the desired crease with the shaping stick. Smooth strip along eyelid to ensure proper adhesion.
• Repeat with other eye.

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