Kyoya Shuzo Premium Yuzu Flavoured Gin, 700 ml

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Japan Centre are excited to now offer a new Japanese craft gin, Kyoya Shuzo Premium Yuzu Gin. Renowned for their high quality, authentic Japanese shochu, Kyoya Shuzo have stepped boldly and successfully into the world of gin. Using their own Kameshizuku sweet potato shochu as a base, this premium yuzu gin is flavoured with yuzu and hyuganatsu citrus fruits, sansho pepper and juniper berries. Their artisanal gin is perfect served straight up with tonic water or mix it in with your favourite cocktails as a refreshing alternative to dry gin.


Maggiori informazioni

Shochu is a strong distilled alcoholic beverage that can be made from any starchy or high-sugar produce, although the most common produce used is rice, sweet potato, or barley. Drunk on the rocks or mixed with hot water or other drinks, shochu has recently overtaken sake in popularity in Japan due to its smooth taste and drinkable nature.

Istruzioni e osservazioni

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Valori nutrizionali

Alcohol: 47%

Ingredients and allergens

Juniper Berry, Yuzu Citrus, Japanese Pepper, Ginger, Cucumber, Hebess Citrus, Hyuganatsu Citrus, Coriander Seed, Cloves.



4 Valutazioni
Beautiful yuzu flavour with herbal notes on the side, would recommend to anyone who enjoys zesty **
A friend living abroad.
Superb. If you like ***, try this. Yes it is not cheap but then quality rarely is. You get one life... you should have at least one bottle of this. Actually skip that... leave it for me!
It’s a gift I’m sue it will be enjoyed