Masui Yuzu Citrus Yokan Jelly Cake, 57 g

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A tasty block of traditional Japanese Yokan jelly cake is just what you need to satisfy your taste buds. This delightfully chewy yokan jelly cake is bursting with flavour from the sweet citrus juice of the Japanese yuzu fruit. The perfect gelatin-free light dessert or snack. 


Maggiori informazioni

Yokan is one of the most well known traditional Japanese desserts to have survived to the present day. It is a cake with a jelly-like consistency (although yokan is slightly chewier and heavier), made from mashed sweet azuki red beans and kanten (a gelatin-like substance made from seaweed). Other flavours, such as chestnut, sweet potato, and matcha, are also often added to yokan. Take a look at Japan Centre’s great range of traditional desserts.

Istruzioni e osservazioni

Yokan is brilliant for:

• Drinking with sencha green tea for a traditional and refreshing snack.
• Cutting into smaller blocks and sharing with friends on cocktail sticks.
• Buying as a traditional Japanese gift.

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Valori nutrizionali

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Ingredients and allergens

Sugar, white beans paste, sliced yuzu citrus peel(yuzu citrus peel, sugar, reduced starch syrup), starch syrup, kanten agar, salt