Miso Tasty: Everyday Tasty Recipes with Miso, 644 g

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Miso - The Japanese Superfood.

Did you know that Miso is full of possibilities? Not just for soups? In fact, it is highly used for flavouring components such as marinades, dressings, and even in desserts. With advice and information provided by the miso expert Bonnie Chung, within this book, she shares over 60 recipes on how to enjoy both Japanese and non-Japanese dishes. You will come across classic dishes such as Black miso cod to modern applications that boosts the umami in everyday meals, such as spreading miso butter over roasted corn or toasted bread. You will definitely not look at miso in the same way again! This book is ideal for adventurous cooks who wants to explore with miso in their Japanese dishes, as well as those who wants to include more umami-rich flavours to their daily cooking.

Hardback with 144 pages.



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Japanese cuisine might seem like a foreign and daunting world, but in actuality it is often quite simple, using only a handful of key ingredients (soy sauce, mirin, miso, dashi) and preparing them with other fresh produce in such a way as to deliver maximum flavour. Whether you are a beginner Japanese cook or a seasoned connoisseur of Japanese cuisine, you will find detailed books to suit your needs in Japan Centre's Japanese cuisine books section.

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