Tea Packs, 26 g, 60 bags


Your tea, your way.

Enjoy your favourite tea without the mess with this handy set tea packs. Made from durable polyester, these sixty empty rectangular tea packs have a fold-over top to secure your loose tea when brewing. Simply place one teaspoon of your favourite tea in a bag per cup, brew as usual and toss it when you're finished! Can also be used for coffee, dashi stock and even Chinese medicine.

Bag size approx. 9.5cm x 7cm.


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Japanese tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world, and as the interest in keeping healthy rises worldwide, so too does the popularity of green tea. From earthy and aromatic matcha green tea powder to refreshing sencha; from nutty, almost savoury genmaicha to sweet, roasted hojicha; japancentre.com has an incredible variety of teabags, loose teas, and ready-to-drink teas available. Learn more about Japanese green tea at our Japanese Tea page.

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Tea bag for loose leaf tea
This is an me of the ** product that I can’t live without, so thank you for stocking