Naris Wink Up Maxi Grade Mascara - Deep Black, 7 g


For a natural but striking lash look.

Brush on perfectly defined lashes that's made to last with Naris's deep black mascara. This intensely black mascara has a compact-shaped brush that coats lashes evenly from root to tip to voluptuous perfection. This long-wear, yet gentle, formula will keep your lashes stay put all day and will wash off easily.


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This is now my favourite mascara. It builds well, and the brush is slim enough to cope with the smallest lashes. The best feature, though, isn't really mentioned much in the description – it's a proper "tube" mascara, i.e. it slides off the lashes in pieces when you apply warm water and a little pressure. I've used a dozen different brands of tube mascara and they either stay put and are a struggle to remove, or they wash off easily but also slide off if you splash your face with water during the day. This mascara, though, stays in place all day, doesn't flake, and comes off completely with little effort. It's fantastic value, too. I'll be stocking up!