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Mount Fuji in the Spring Greeting Card, 16 g


Description on the reverse of the greeting card: While scholars debate the origin of the sacred mountain's name, 'Fuji', one of the most commonly used means 'Everlasting Life.' In the foreground, the blooming of cherry blossoms signifies the arrival of spring. A symbol of purity and the beauty of transience, the cherry blossoms remind us to enjoy each and every moment of life.

This card is made from quality heavy weight luxurious pearlescent paper, giving a beautiful shimmering effect, elegantly finished with rounded corners.

Card Size: 15.1cm x 10.7cm
Envelope Size: 16.2cm x 11.3cm


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Little gifts such as these greeting cards are among the most quintessential of Japanese souveniers. They are ideal as gifts that are not too expensive, but nevertheless offer a little piece of Japanese culture. If you are looking for a special gift for any certain someone, take a look at Japan Centre's Japan Fan section and be inspired by our fantastic range.

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Beautifully produced cards