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Ramen Tonkotsu Demae Iccho, Nissin (GB), 100 g

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4.5 / 5

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Un piatto di noodles casalinghi pronti in pochi minuti.
Non c'è ramen più ricco e gustoso del ramen tonkotsu e questa versione istantanea soddisferà ogni vostra voglia. La confezione contiene i noodles, il brodo di maiale tonkotsu, e una bustina di olio di sesamo e salsa di soia. Questo ramen istantaneo è pronto in pochi minuti ed è perfetto da servire così com'è o aggiungendo i vostri ingredienti preferiti.


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Instant ramen was invented in the 1950s, and since then Japan has never looked back. From easy-to-eat ramen packaged in disposable cups and bowls to sophisticated flavour combinations that might be better suited for classy restaurants, there is now an instant ramen for everybody, no matter their flavour preference, and they all remain fantastically easy to make. For an incredible range of ramen and other types of instant noodles, take a look at Japan Centre's Instant Noodles section.

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Valori nutrizionali

Per 100ml (Prepared):
• Energy: 87kcal
• Protein: 2.1g
• Fat: 4.0g (Saturated Fat: 1.8g)
• Carbohydrate: 10.1g (Sugars: 0.6g)
• Salt: 1.0g

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5 Valutazioni
Easy to make ramen that is relatively tasty considering it takes only 4 minutes to make.\nPerfect lunch on it's own or add meat, egg and vegetable for a quick-to-plate dinner.
Like the noodles in this pack ,wavy slightly chewy ,nice flavour,good when your on a budget
Good simple ramen, tasty
Good broth. You can made some nice ramen with it, if you look up some tonkotsu recipes.
Yummy soup!