Farina di fagioli di soia Kinako, Hinomoto King, 180 g

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La base dei dolci tradizionali giapponesi.

Concedetevi dei dolci tradizionali giapponesi con la farina di soia kinako di Hinomoto King. Questa farina viene prodotta macinando fagioli di soia tostati non OGM provenienti dal Canada. Perfetta da spolverare sui dango, sui mochi e altri dolci tradizionali giapponesi. Ottima anche spolverata sul gelato o mischiata nel latte freddo.


Maggiori informazioni

Kinako can be thought of as a natural Japanese sweetener. The process of roasting the soy beans brings out an extra sweet flavour that has been used in Japan for centuries as a sweet element in cooking, being utilised nowadays in both traditional and more modern sweet foods. For a great range of kinako and other Japanese flours, take a look at Japan Centre's Flour & Panko section.

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Valori nutrizionali

Per 100g:
• Energy: 437kcal
• Protein: 35.5g
• Fat: 23.4g
• Carbohydrate: 31g
• Sodium: 1mg

Ingredients and allergens

Soya bean


7 Valutazioni
I have it on yogurt for breakfast. Delicious!
It's good.
used it to make kinako french toast!
Useful and high quality.
Put into porridge and yoghurt. I would recommend!
Great for Wagashi
I am using this product sprinkled on foods such as yogurt, porridge and intend to use with flour in baking.