Riso Koshihikari di Toyama per microonde, Wooke, 600 g, 3 porzioni

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Soffice riso fumante pronto in un attimo.

Con il riso per microonde di Wooke, preparare il riso sarà la parte più semplice della preparazione di un pasto tradizionale giapponese. Questo riso al 100% Koshihikari giapponese è stato coltivato in acqua proveniente dalle montagne giapponesi della prefettura di Toyama. La confezione sottovuoto ne preserva la freschezza e non contiene conservanti.
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Microwavable rice is something of a miracle product in countries such as Japan, where rice is the dietary staple. Normally rice is prepared in rice cookers or on stove tops, but sometimes there is a need to prepare rice quickly and easily, without the use of pots, pans or rice cookers. This is where microwavable rice is so handy. For more types and varieties of rice, take a look at Japan Centre's Rice section.

Istruzioni e osservazioni

• Peel back the film cover to the dotted red line.
• Microwave for 2 minutes at 500W – 600W
• Stir through and serve with any Japanese dish.

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Valori nutrizionali

Per 100g:
• Energy: 594kJ/142kcal
• Fat: 0.3g
  (of which Saturates: 0.1g)
• Carbohydrate: 33g
  (of which Sugars: 0.1g)
• Protein: 2.3g
• Salt: 0g

Ingredients and allergens

Cooked rice


7 Valutazioni
Good quality item. Pleased with purchase
Almost as good as freshly cooked. Much better than western brands.
Great instant sticky rice, better eaten hot than let go cold which like most microwaveable products happens quicker than the boiled/steamed variety.
Very good
not too bad
Simple to reheat approx 2mins per dish of rice at 80. We prefer this brand, the flavour is better
Lovely fragrant rice, simple to heat in the microwave, will order again!