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Vegan Products

We want to help our vegan customers shop with confidence, which is why we've gathered all our certified vegan products into one helpful category. Shop authentically Japanese, organic and vegan snacks, seasonings, miso and tofu and make your own vegan sushi, ramen and soups. You can even make your own vegan jellies with agar flakes, a fantastic vegan alternative to gelatine. These products do not contain animal products of any kind.

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Tè Kukicha tostato bio, Clearspring, 40 g, 20 bustine Quasi esaurito (solo 3 disponibili)
Aceto di riso integrale Clearspring, biologico, 500 ml Quasi esaurito (solo 2 disponibili)
Amazake di riso integrale bio, Clearspring, 380 g Quasi esaurito (solo 5 disponibili)
Olio di sesamo tostato bio, Clearspring, 500 ml Quasi esaurito (solo 4 disponibili)
Clearspring Organic Dried Lotus Root CS 739, 30 g Quasi esaurito (solo 3 disponibili)
Pasta umami bio al peperoncino, Clearspring, 150 g Quasi esaurito (solo 4 disponibili)
Pasta umami bio allo zenzero, Clearspring, 150 g Quasi esaurito (solo 3 disponibili)
Salsa di soia bio, Clearspring, 150 ml Quasi esaurito (solo 2 disponibili)