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Snacks & Sweets

Sweet-loving and snack-loving Japan is the nation of bright and colourful, tasty and unique treats, and we're dedicated to bringing you the most popular brands as well as rarer goodies you won't find anywhere else. Vegetarians can find their favourite meat-free Japanese snacks and sweets here.

These products do not contain meat or fish. Some may contain dairy or eggs.

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Koikeya Wasabi Nori Seaweed Crisps, 100 g Quasi esaurito (solo 1 disponibili)
Ichibiki Zenzai Azuki Red Bean Soup Dessert, 160 g Quasi esaurito (solo 2 disponibili)
Piselli al wasabi, Yutaka, 100 g Quasi esaurito (solo 4 disponibili)
Cracker assortiti, Hapi Snacks, 85 g Quasi esaurito (solo 5 disponibili)