Japanese for Busy People 2: Revised 3rd Edition The Workbook, 450 g

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Concisely advance your basic survival Japanese to the next level.

Made to accompany the Japanese for Busy People 2 textbook, this workbook expands on the practice of grammar and sentence structuring introduced in the textbook's lessons, with further thorough and brief exercises, perfectly reviewing the skills you've learnt. With interesting and relatable reading material such as 'the blog of a Canadian in Japan', as well as native listening content and tests on the included CD, there is no shortage of activities to work through and practice, making it a great resource for keeping your Japanese ability up to scratch. With quizzes and chances to write your own dialogue and comments, this workbook encourages use of Kanji practice and vocabulary study to form your own ideas fluently in Japanese. Ideal for your own study or as classroom practice for students.

Written by the Association for Japanese Language Teaching..


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