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Hikari Seaweed Miso Soup (Miso Shiru Wakame Iri), 220 g, 12 servings

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You’ll never want to be without miso soup again! This pack contains 12 small sachets of miso soup paste with wakame seaweed pieces. Great value and handy for the cupboard. Just add hot water to sachet contents and within seconds you’ll have a bowl of steaming miso soup to enjoy with your lunch or dinner.

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Plus d'infos

Instant miso soup is a quick and easy way to get the great taste of miso when you are pressed for time. The sachets are great to bring with you to work so you can make miso soup at lunch and they come in a range of different flavours to suit everyone’s taste.

Guide d'utilisation

Instant miso is ultra quick to make.
• Empty one sachet of miso soup into your bowl or mug.
• Add 160ml of hot water. Stir well and enjoy.

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Valeurs nutritionnelles

Per Serving (18g):
• Energy: 27kcal
• Protein 1.6g
• Fat 0.8g
• Carbohydrate: 3.3g
• Sodium: 752mg
• As Salt: 1.9g


5 avis
For ease and a tasty cup of miso it’s great
Great value.
I have some every day as I was advised to take miso soup by my medical consultant. It is delicious.
Very authentic, just like being in Japan.
I haven't tried it yet