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2361 cuckoo rice cooker mai 2361 cuckoo rice cooker box

Cuiseur à riz automatique CR-0331, Cuckoo, 2,4 Kg Stock limité (plus que 2)

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Livraison au Royaume Uni uniquement (îles non comprises)


4.5 / 5

1010 avis

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Du riz parfait à tous les coups

Préparer le riz va devenir vraiment simple grâce au cuiseur à riz électrique CR-0331 de Cuckoo. Produit en Corée, ce cuiseur à riz est accompagné d'un récipient antiadhésif noir doré, de chauffages en haut, en bas et sur les cotés, d'un isolant intérieur pour garder le riz au chaud, d'un gobelet doseur, d'une spatule et d'un mode d'emploi. Le cuiseur à riz mesure environ 25,5cm de haut avec la poignée, 22cm de long et 22cm de large. Permet de servir 2 à 3 personnes.

Contenu du cuiseur à riz :
• Récipient intérieur antiadhésif
• Couvercle intérieur et grille d'hydratation amovible.
Accessoires :
• Gobelet doseur et spatule
• Mode d'emploi

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Plus d'infos

Rice is well-known for being tricky to cook on the stove, as it requires constant care and attention to ensure that it neither burns nor turns out too sludgy. In countries like Japan, where rice is the culinary staple, rice cookers are an absolute lifesaver. Ever since 1956 these handy devices have rendered the task of cooking rice as easy as adding rice and water and flipping the 'on' switch. For more rice cookers and other handy Japanese kitchen utensils, take a look at japancentre.com's Cooking Equipment section.

Détails de l'article :

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10 avis
Quick and Easy. Very happy about this rice cooker!
So much easier than using a pan on the hob.
I was sceptical about this, every other cooker I looked at was £200+ whereas this was under £100 - it's awesome. I like the overflow trap at the side, just in case. It's simple and easy to use
It's enough to cook the rice. I bought it for my son as a student.
Neat, well made rice cooker. Cooks rice very well so I’m pleased with it. Easy to clean the bowl, but inner lid a little harder
My first rice cooker and it’s simple & easy to use. Great for a first timer and not having to spend a lot of money as it gets job done nicely
Fabulous quirky design, quite retro. It is a wonderful addition to our kitchen.
I would recommend this product. Only thing I found the price is rather expensive for a small rice cooker.
So far I have only used it once but it has worked very well. Cooks rice perfectly. I know this is a big brand in Korea so I am confident I have a quality product