Crackers de riz relevés au curry, Kamedaseika, 52 g

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Un petit sachet de crackers de riz épicés aromatisés au curry. Ces senbei légers et croustillants sont aromatisés d'une poudre de curry et d'épices pour un goût vraiment unique et savoureux.

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Though originally having roots in India, curry and curry-flavoured products are widely available in Japan. Slightly sweeter and with its own distinct spices and flavour, Japanese curry is an exotic but familiar experience that should be enjoyed. Browse our range of instant and roux based curries, as well as curry flavoured snacks on

Détails de l'article :

Valeurs nutritionnelles

Per 62g Bag:
• Energy: 1271kJ/310kcal
• Fat: 14.5g
• Carbohydrate: 41.7g
• Protein: 3.1g
• Salt: 1.28g

Ingredients and allergens

Rice, vegetable oil, starch, salt, spice(soya bean), sugar, hydrolysed protein, dextrin, powdered chicken extract, processed starch, seasonings(amino acids, monosodium glutamate), colourings, vegetable lecithin(soy bean), flavouring, spice extract. Also contains Soybean, Chicken. May contain traces of egg, milk, wheat, shrimp(crustacean), peanuts.


4 avis
Nostalgic taste.
Love these! Absolutely delicious!
Not too spicy and not too heavy - these make for a great snack. Also, the resealable bag means that you don't have much of an excuse to overindulge
Just the right amount of spice on these curry crackers.