Suntory Tory's Whisky Highball, 350 ml

Livraison en Europe et au Royaume-Uni uniquement

Suntory's popular highball served with a twist of lemon and soda.

Blended with an extra squeeze of lemon, Suntory's Tory's whisky highball delivers the beloved izakaya bar-style cocktail in a convenient, easy to drink can. Made with the light, smoky aromas and vanilla-sweet palate of Tory's refreshing blended whisky, this highball comes with a crisp soda fizz.

Alcohol: 7% ABV.

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As popular a choice in Japanese izakaya bars as any classic beer or crisp shochu, whisky highballs are an exquisite example of quality, adult refreshment. Benefiting from the brilliant creamy palates and dry finish of Japan's most renowned whiskies, their equally famous highballs are often mixed with a zesty squeeze of lemon and a spritz of soda water, to make their rich flavours and aromas extra light and thirst-quenching. Commonly available in pre-mixed cans for convenience, discover your favourite highball to unwind with at

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Valeurs nutritionnelles

Alcohol Content: 7% Vol.

Ingredients and allergens

Whisky, Lemon Spirit, Lemon, Saccharides / Carbonated Water, Flavouring, Acidulant.