Aizu Homare Junmai Sake, 720 ml Stock limité (plus que 5)

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Full-bodied junmai sake with rice sweetness.

Balancing the naturally dry finish of junmai sake with a fruity plethora of aromas, the brewing of Hanafubuki rice gives this sake excellent texture and flavours. Featuring strong hints of melon and a subtle nutty aftertaste, use of the region's finest quality rice and mineral water, gives this junmai sake a refined palate with incredible sweetness and depth. Best enjoyed warm (approx. 42 ℃) or served at room temperature (10 - 14 ℃), pair this sake with grilled fish, yakitori and other tender meats to delicately draw out their most succulent flavours.

15% ABV.

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Sake is Japan’s most famous alcoholic drink, brewed using special sake rice. Sake has many different types and grades depending on the brewing process, ingredients used and percentage the rice is polished. Try sake warmed, at room temperature, or even serve chilled on ice or in a cocktail for a refreshing drink. Find more authentic Japanese sake at Japan Centre's sake selection here.

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Rice(Hanafubuki), Rice Koji.