Suntory Kanade Yuzu Flavoured Craft Liqueur, 700 ml

Livraison en Europe et au Royaume-Uni uniquement

Refreshingly sweet, tangy liqueur infused with yuzu citrus.

Specially blended with 3 base spirits each distilled from the juice, pulp and peel of Japanese yuzu citrus, this speciality Suntory Kanade liqueur combines zesty aromas and a juicy palate into a wonderfully sharp, invigorating beverage. By soaking every part of fully-ripened yuzu into sake over long periods, the naturally tart, bittersweet qualities of the unique citrus fruit can truly shine. Perfect as a tangy aperitif or dessert wine, this liqueur is best mixed with gin or soda to balance its splendid sourness.

Alcohol 20% ABV. 

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Yuzu is something like the Japanese equivalent of lemon, in that it is used widely in both sweet and savoury dishes as a seasoning and/or a primary flavour. It is also one of several different fruits (with others including plums and peaches) that appears regularly in fruit liqueurs. Browse a wide range of fruit liqueurs and other interesting Japanese alcohols by going to Japan Centre's Umeshu & Others section.

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Spirit, Acidulant, Flavourings, Colourings.