Minna No Nihongo II 2nd Edition Reading Topics 25 Workbook, 380 g

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An enjoyable approach to developing essential Japanese reading skills.

Minna no Nihongo's series of textbooks has become globally popular for their charming, practical introduction to Japanese, including this Reading Topics 25 workbook for expanding your basic reading comprehension. Revised for its 2nd edition to feature more modern, relatable content, this workbook provides enjoyable texts and dialogue to build up your Japanese reading ability, helping you understand natural sentence and grammar structure in a wide range of everyday formats. Covering topics from radio dialogue, to personal insights and cultural articles about Japan, this book gives you fun context to fully grasp the vocabulary learnt through the Minna no Nihongo II course, with additional words listed in a translated glossary in the latter half of the book. Provided with extra grammar explanations, this book tests your reading ability so you can implement it into your own use of Japanese, adding simple exercises (with answers) to the end of each reading for further study and review.

Written by Akiko Makino, Sachiko Yokozawa, Akemi Shigekawa, Yone Tanaka and Mariko Mizuno (3A Networks). Paperback, 212 pages. 

ISBN: 978-4-88319-712-5

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