Daisho Yakiniku Ichiban Citrus Flavoured Barbecue Sauce, 230 ml

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Tangy, restaurant quality yakiniku sauce for rich marinating and dipping.

Fruity and fragrant, this restaurant-style yakiniku sauce gives meat and vegetables the tangiest of savoury Japanese flavours. Inspired by Fukuoka's famous chain of open grill restaurants, this soy sauce based condiment includes real jabara and sudachi citrus juices, enriched with garlic, miso and black pepper for tongue-tingling taste. Rich, sticky and ideal for marinating your favourite ingredients, finish any grilled dish with the sumptuous zing of this zesty sauce.

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Originating from Korea, yakiniku barbeque has become a hugely popular style of social dining in Japan, prepared with a wide variety of meats and vegetables often marinated in fruity and spicy speciality sauces. Served over a portable or open table grill where anyone can cook their choice of food to its ideal crispiness, this excitingly decadent meal is often completed with a selection of savoury soy sauce and nutty sesame dipping sauces.

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Valeurs nutritionnelles

Per 100ml:
• Energy: 515kJ/123kcal 
• Fat: 0.1g 
• Carbohydrate: 27.5g
• Protein: 2.9g
• Salt: 5.8g