Haus Publishing A Short History Of Tokyo, 160 g

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A compact history of Japan's flourishing capital.

Despite only gaining its name and status as Japan's 'Eastern Capital' 150 years ago, Tokyo's history and influence on Japan extends back thousands of years to its time as the fishing port of Edo and beyond. With records that encapsulate its time as wildlife abundant marshes, a medieval outpost and even the ukiyo 'floating world' depictions of colourful hedonism, Tokyo's fascinating story has been compiled and amusingly reviewed in this condensed history guide by Jonathan Clements. An author widely-recognised for his skills in researching both ancient and modern East Asia, Clements traces through the many historical changes that led to Tokyo's sprawling growth, from the early Yayoi settlements, to the arrival of Ieyasu Tokugawa's shogunate, to the modern globalisation and unique forms of austerity now facing the urban metropolis in the 21st century. A Short History of Toyko offers a down-to-earth, true insight into Japan's capital and how it became the iconic influence it is today.

Written by Jonathan Clements. Paperback, 176 pages.  ISBN: 978-1-912208-97-5

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