Cat Paws Photo Book, 240 g

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Get your paws on this photo collection of the fluffiest toe beans!

With more than enough soft and squishy cat paws to melt your heart, cat lovers can curl up with this compilation of Japan's cuddliest cats and their cutest appendages. Compiled from the charming photo logs of several Japanese cat owners, this photo book gives you an up close look at round, fluffy paws in their cutest poses, whether they're perched over tables, curled up in the air or stretched out into some of the strangest places. Featuring over 40 cats in high-quality photographs, with curious cat trivia to "paw" over, find everything to love about cat's fluffiest features in this adorable book.

Hardback, 88 pages. Edited by Yuka Tsutsui, with art direction by Daisuke Matsumura.

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Bought as a gift for someone so I haven't read it myself.