Clearspring Organic Loose Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea, 85 g

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Elegant and umami rich loose green tea.

Brew a more refined cup of deep-flavoured green tea with the quality shaded leaves of this loose gyokuro green tea. Grown in the luscious rolling hills around Kyoto and Kyushu, the fertile climate is ideal for cultivating the young tender tea leaves that are shaded from the sun to develop the complex, amino acid and caffeine rich flavour of this gyokura blend. Delicately steamed, rolled and dried immediately after harvest to lock in their gentle aromas and full umami taste, this gyokuro pours a soothing and minimally bitter cup that can be brewed to your preferred strength, with the rest kept fresh in this screw lid container for your next cup of luxurious tea.

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Though similar to sencha, premium gyokuro green tea differs in the cultivation methods, most notably how the leaves must be kept in the shade when growing for at least 20 days before harvesting. This protection from the sun reduces astringency and makes for a more complex, smooth flavour and brilliance of colour.

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Organically grown green tea leaves


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Great flavour at a very good price
A very nice light green tea