Clearspring Organic Loose Kukicha Roasted Twig Green Tea, 90 g

Livraison en Europe et au Royaume-Uni uniquement

Mild and soothing tea.

When it's time to unwind with a warm cup of soothing green tea, brew a delicately unique and aromatic blend with loose kukicha roasted twig green tea. Traditionally made with carefully selected twigs, stems and leaves all harvested from the tea bushes of Kyoto and Kyushu, this organic kukicha is steamed, rolled and dried before it is slowly matured, developing a naturally sweet, nutty, low-caffeine taste that's suitable for the whole family. Ziplock-sealed so the fine mildness of this kukicha remains fresh and calming to experience with each sip.

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Much like Britain, Japan takes a lot of pride in its enjoyment of tea as a warm, healthy fuel to life, even beyond its love of green tea. Nowadays, all manner of teas from green to black to jasmine are available to discover everywhere, from vending machines to traditional teahouses. Here at we're all about allowing you to explore your taste for tea, so why not look at our selection for a great variety of loose, bagged and ready-to-drink bottle teas, as well as matcha powders.

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Organically grown roasted green tea twigs, stems and leaves.