Clearspring Organic Loose Japanese Sencha Green Tea, 90 g

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Light and refreshing loose green tea.

Brew your own authentic Japanese green tea experience with this loose sencha green tea. Grown in the luscious rolling hills around Kyoto and Kyushu, the ideal climate and fertile soil conditions of their abundant countryside produce some of the finest quality tea in Japan, including the tender young leaves that have been delicately steamed, rolled and dried into this freshly-harvested sencha. Uplifting with its lively aromas and subtly bitter sharpness, this sencha allows you to boil a teaspoon of leaves heaped to your preference, with the rest kept freshly ziplock-sealed for your next vibrant cup.

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Sencha is the most commonly-drunk tea in Japan, making up 80% of all the green tea grown there. Fresh, fragrant and with just a hint of bitterness, sencha can vary significantly in flavour depending on where the leaves have been grown and the temperature of the water used to brew it. has a great range of sencha available in our Tea section. Why not try a couple and see which is your favourite?

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3 avis
Very mild tasty tea
A light green tea with a "grassy" taste. Very refreshing
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