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A premium taste of nutty oolong tea nourishment.

Deeply roasted to deliver a heartwarming cup of superbly soothing tea, this Imperial Choice oolong tea make its rich nourishment an easy teabag luxury. Brewed for longer to extract the astringent sharpness of other green teas, this oolong serves a smooth blend of earthy and full-bodied flavour that makes it simple to soak up the rich nutrients preserved in each tea leaf. Removed of sweeter fragrances for a roasted, well rounded aroma, this tea is satisfyingly enjoyable both hot and cold with ice, low in caffeine and rich in enzymes for the ideal rejuvenating beverage.

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Oolong means black dragon in Chinese and is a Chinese style tea made with high-quality tea leaves that have been fermented in a similar way to English tea. However, the flavour of oolong is very strong and can range from sweet and fruity, to rich, intense flavours with a roasted tea aroma. Oolong is delicious hot in the winter or chilled in the summer. To explore the world of teas from Japan and its neighbouring countries, take a look at's Tea range.

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