Kirin Grand IPL Lager Beer, 350 ml

Livraison en Europe et au Royaume-Uni uniquement

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A pale lager that packs a fragrantly bitter punch.

Sample the quenching sharpness and depth of a quality Indian lager, made with Kirin's careful brewing of spicy and fruity aromas. Part of the Grand Kirin series celebrating fine craftsmanship and creativity when it comes to brewing, this pale lager flaunts crisp citrus flavours and fragrances of its hops into every satisfying, full-bodied sip. Peppery and invigorating on the finish to ease the heaviness for lighter beer drinkers, this lager pairs well with umami rich cuisine.

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Although sake is probably the most stereotypically Japanese of the alcohols, beer is by far the most popular alcohol actually drunk by Japanese people. Some of the world’s most acclaimed breweries are Japanese, including Asahi, Suntory and Kirin. If you are a beer drinker and want to give some of Japan’s best offerings a try, take a look at the's Beer selection.

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・Alcohol: 6%


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Great taste and a refreshing change for the sunner