Sanrio Greetings Gudetama Hanging 3D Breakfast Greeting Card, 25 g Stock limité (plus que 2)


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A bright greeting to inspire cheer among lovers of the gloomy Gudetama, this multipurpose greetings card offers sunny motivation with a gleaming display of the lethargic yolk. Marvellously detailed in gold with an exciting 3D effect, this colourful card comes with a hook to hang and present a sunny side to Gudetama as they shrug and exclaim "I'll make the effort from tomorrow..." whilst lazing on a tasty breakfast plate. With space on the back to write your own message and a yellow envelope with the egg at their sleepiest, this greetings card gives even a simple gesture the most adorable charm.

Card measures 15.7cm x 11.1cm. Comes with a yellow, Gudetama decorated envelope.

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With a long history of elaborate and clever art design, its no surprise Japan's greetings card creations are something beautiful to behold. From intricate and embossed detailing of traditional art, to carefully cut and pieced together 3D folding dioramas, Japanese cards have access to a rich hub of culture from which to be inspired. Add a charming, unique touch to you sending of good wishes with our wonderful Card selection at 

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