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  • 15719  feng shui lucky cat coin bank   pink

Feng Shui Lucky Cat Coin Bank - Pink, 120 g

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Save towards your sweetest fortunes in love.

Keep your heart and wealth adorably treasured well into the new year, with this lucky cat coin bank in a charming pink shade. With a sweetly raised left paw to welcome in good luck, this smiling maneki neko cat is adorned with lucky kanji characters to offer blessings in both love and relationships, when you bestow him with money in the back slot of his head. Sealed at the bottom to keep your gathered fortunes safe, face this money box south east to further your good feng shui. The perfect gift for cat lovers and young budding savers.

Measures 8cm in width, 9cm in height.

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The Lucky Cat has been part of Japanese and Chinese folklore for hundreds of years. It is believed that a Lucky Cat standing in a shop front, for example, will bring good fortune to the workers, and indeed the customers. Interestingly, the symbolism behind any lucky cat can vary, depending on its colour, which paw is raised, and what it is holding. For this and other Japan-related trinkets, check out japancentre.com's Japan Fan collection.

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