Suntory The Chita Whisky, 700 ml

Livraison au Royaume Uni uniquement (îles non comprises)

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An unraveling of complex flavour with each simple and serene sip.

Long established as the home for blending Suntory's finest whiskies, Chita distillery makes its own mark on the world of premium alcoholic drinks with this sophisticated and standout single grain whisky. Made predominantly with corn as the main grain, the sweet flavour balancer takes centre stage in a whisky that is carefully picked apart and brought gloriously together, by the technique of continuous distillation. Separated into sherry, bourbon and wine casks, this whisky is given time to develop different characteristics, creating a clean zest, medium body and rich, umami sweetness that are subtly blended back into this refined bright gold whisky. This allows it to hide a plethora of intricate notes under its pleasingly smooth nose and palate, opening up to sweet honeydew melon and sugared cereals that soothe into a delightful vanilla sponge creaminess, sweetened by floral and citrus hints. Finishing with a poignantly sweet sharpness that maintains the gentle lingering mouthfeel, this whisky provides versatile depth with light refreshment, making it ideal for highballs or a simple evening dram.

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Alcohol: 43%


4 avis
Very good stuff. Compares very well with my favourite scotch malts. Not a heavy drinker but like a large one a few times a week.
Xmas treat
Bought as a birthday gift.
I bought it as birthday present and I'm sure he loves it.