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  • 15547  marusan liquid miso with flying fish ago dashi

Date de durabilité minimale : 01-03-2020

Marusan Liquid Miso with Flying Fish Ago Dashi, 210 g Stock limité (plus que 2)

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Add fresh liquid miso flavour at your convenience.

For fast and easy enjoyment of premium miso flavours, Marusan's liquid miso means enriched meals are only a simple squeeze away. Tightly packed in a doubled layered bottle so the miso stays free of further fermentation, just open up and squeeze this liquid miso gently to pour on the exact amount you need. Quick to dissolve when mixed with hot water and easy to include in salads and stir fries, this bottle provides a instant injection of bold, natural flavours, using 100% locally-produced miso, seasoned with flying fish, bonito and kelp extract. An exquisite addition of umami and protein to help perfect a meal or miso soup.

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Miso sauces make for a viscous addition of sweet and salty flavour to any meal. From the famous dengaku dressings used to season tofu and roasted eggplants at izakaya Japanese pubs, to the more unique dessert applications such as atop grilled yakimochi, the possibilities of miso sauces are as numerous as the many ingredients used to make them! Taking the simple miso paste to more flavoursome heights, see what you can manage with Miso in japancentre.com's selection.

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Valeurs nutritionnelles

Per 100g:
• Energy: 516kJ/123kcal
• Fat: 2.94g
• Carbohydrate: 17.7g
• Protein: 7.06g
• Salt: 10.6g