Seiko Coffee Nagomi Special Blend Drip Filter Bag Coffee, 80 g, 10 Bags

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Delivery fine stone-roasted drip coffee in the convenience of your cup.

When you have a need for quality coffee any time and any place, these compact drip filter bags can unlock rich aromas with just the pouring of a kettle. Made from Seiko Coffee's unique blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans, the Hiroshima company uses its local expertise to grind & stone roast down to the heart of each bean, drawing out the deepest fragrance & flavours to be generously stored in each nitrogen-packed bag. Sealed away fresh and ready to open across a cup with flexible side hooks, each bag just requires hot water for the drip coffee to work its magic, releasing a strong and uplifting essence, with a smooth and balanced acidity.

Contains 10 individual drip filter bags.

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For a nation as hard-working as Japan, having quality work fuel like coffee on the go has called for advanced innovation. From iced to canned coffees that come readily-brewed in Japan's convenience stores and vending machines, to drip filter bags and soy milk variants that ensure you don't skip out on nourishing, rich flavours, explore's emergency pick me ups in our Soy, Coffee & Milk Drinks section.

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Ingredients and allergens

Coffee Beans (Brazil, Colombia).


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good flavour, coffee not strong
Excellent tasting coffee. Good for on the move, camping etc\nHighly recommend as good quality.
Very good drip coffee in an innovative pack! Creatively ***.