Hakoya Plastic Miso Soup Bowl - Red, Ume Plum Blossom Pattern, 80 g


A decorative bowl to appreciate Japan's most wholesome side dish.

If there's nothing more you admire with a meal than a nourishing serving of warm miso soup, this boldly decorated bowl is superb to savour the hearty and satisfying side dish. Coming in a rich red shade that has been smoothly glazed, this compact plastic bowl has been adorned with a white, black and gold plum blossom pattern to add a simple yet elegant traditional charm. Made lightweight and dishwasher safe, this bowl adds convenient and classy design to any dining set you wish to truly cherish.

Measures 6.5cm in height, 9.5cm in diameter. Made in Japan. Dishwasher safe. 

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Miso soup is a vital part of Japanese diets and a staple component to most meals in Japan, often served as a side dish even during breakfast. As such, anybody committed to enjoying all components of Japanese cuisine should have a good collection of miso bowls available to put on a great authentic feast. Why not take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section and see our extensive collection?

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