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  • 15450  gs mixed grain   15 kinds

GS Mixed Grain - 15 Kinds, 800 g

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Livraison en Europe et au Royaume-Uni uniquement
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15 grains are all you need for happiness. 

This 15 grain mix is a hearty and nutrient filled pack of goodness for you and your family. The grains it consists of are glutinous rice, brown rice, glutinous brown rice, glutinous black rice, germinated brown rice, germinated glutinous black rice, germinated glutinous brown rice, split barley, pressed barley, glutinous millet, glutinous sorghum, glutinous foxtail millet, soybeans, red beans, and black beans. Great for adding to white rice for added nutrition and to ease digestion of the fibre in the grains.

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Guide d'utilisation

Soak grains for about 1 hour in water before cooking. Drain, and mix with rinsed white rice. Add to rice cooker, and cook on a normal brown rice cycle. Ratio of grains to white rice suggested is 3 parts grains to 4 parts rice.

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