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  • 15406  glico pocky   adult's selection uji matcha share pack

Glico Pocky - Adult's Selection Uji Matcha Share Pack, 110 g, 2 stick x 10 packs

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Matcha chocolate and Pocky combined for the adult in you. 

Satisfy two Japanese food cravings at the same time with Glico's Pocky adult's selection Uji matcha green tea flavoured chocolate biscuit sticks. Each classically crunchy pretzel is covered with a layer of sweet chocolate that has been flavoured with real matcha green tea from Uji, Japan. Slightly bitter, these a great for a calming tea break, or a nice chocotastic treat. In a share pack and individually wrapped in bags of 2 sticks each, these is easy to share, or keep to all yourself. 

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Since Pocky broke into the Japanese confectionery scene in 1966, the irresistible biscuit stick treats from Glico have grown to excite the entire world with their moreish flavour and pleasing crunch. Starting off as simple biscuit sticks coated 4/5's in a sweet and smooth chocolate, the uncovered pretzel ends made them easy to pick up and nibble away, with an iconic snapping sound that formed their unforgettable onomatopoeic name. Becoming everything from typical tv watching snacks, to dessert decorations and even kissing game sweets, these versatile snacks have come to take on many flavours and styles to satiate everyone's cravings for their creamy, fruity and favourite tastes. Whatever Pocky you're hoping to discover, come find a great selection to bite into here at japancentre.com.

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Valeurs nutritionnelles

Per 100g:
• Energy: 2243kJ/536kcal
• Fat: 29.09g
• Carbohydrate: 63.64g
• Protein: 5.27g
• Salt: 0.5g