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Kamada Citrus Flavoured Soy Sauce, 200 g

Livraison en Europe et au Royaume-Uni uniquement

Add a little zest to your next fish dish or stir fry. 

This citrys flavoured soy sauce or ponzu in Japanese, is the perfect little punch to add bright flavours to any dish. Traditionally used as a condiment for a wide variety of Japanese dishes, this soy sauce is greta for nabemono, shabu-shabu, or even as a dressing on a fresh summer salad. 

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Dashi is a hugely important ingredient in Japanese cooking, as it is what provides the flavour base for most Japanese dishes. Proper home-made dashi is made by allowing umami-rich foods such as bonito fish and/or kombu kelp to infuse in water, but many Japanese people nowadays prefer the convenience of powdered dashi. For a great range of dashi ingredients and instant dashi mixes, check out Japan Centre's Dashi & Noodle Stock section.

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