Sanshusha Japan Foundation Marugoto Japanese Words and Culture Pre-Intermediate Textbook, 490 g

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Immersive Japanese learning to take study a step up.

It can be frustratingly difficult finding the ideal textbook to take you beyond beginner level Japanese, with many opting for a more academic and less practical approach, so Japan Foundation's Marugoto Pre-intermediate textbook is here to help you advance your language skills with study you'll find easy to instantly practice. Allowing its lesson topics to bridge the gap in difficulty between Elementary A2 and Intermediate B1 levels of the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education, this textbook aims to review and enrich your developing language ability, covering lifestyle topics in depth to introduce complex Japanese grammar and a further range of vocabulary and kanji characters in a friendly and easy-to-follow manner. From conversations that deal with relatable and modern situations, such as making plans and looking for houses and jobs, this book focuses on exposing you to Japanese as it is naturally used through a whole variety of colourful and well-illustrated tasks, so you enjoy picking up on new points and are able to fully understand how they work in typical conversation. 'Can-do' sections, among all the reading, listening and writing tasks, are great inspiration to use all of Marugoto's resources (including grammar tables, transcripts, answers and audio files), providing reachable goals you can research further, for your own preferred means of keeping up study.  

ISBN: 9784384057584

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