Pavilion Books Korean BBQ & Japanese Grills Recipe Book, 850 g

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Garnish your grilling skills with these sizzling recipes.

The excitement of enjoying simple, quality barbecue food with those close to you is an atmosphere reflected perfectly by the thrilling care for cooking exhibited by Japanese and Korean grill dining, an experience to recreate yourself with this sensational recipe book. Full of mouth-watering recipes for the most succulent and satisfying ways you can enjoy meat, fish and vegetables over a grill, this book teaches you dishes you can make together in minutes and savour for hours with advice on how to best prepare different ingredients, sauces and side dishes for a supreme variety of rich flavours. Right down to how you can use the best equipment, charcoal and cooking styles, this cookbook teaches you the easy magic to merge basic ingredients into authentic yakiniku grill servings and moreish izakaya-style pub snacks, whether it's the much-loved selection of tasty yakitori chicken skewers, delicious bibimbap combinations or umami-rich grilled aubergines. Including how best to serve refreshing sake, soju and super-cooled beer, this book uses easy to follow instructions and vibrant photos to help you get the most from every aspect of your meal, allowing you to appreciate this popular social eating pastime to it's finest, friendliest standard.

Written by Jonas Cranby. 

ISBN: 9781911624042

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Japanese cooking is known for being intricate, vivid and full of unique flavours, making it a delight to experience but sometimes a handful to try and recreate for yourself. Despite the increasing popularity of well-known Japanese dishes in the West, sometimes the recipes available don't bring out the full authenticity and flavour that Japan take's absolute pride in making the main aspect of it's cuisine. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of books helping to bridge this culture gap and deliver you detailed yet simple instruction on how to make delicious and genuine meals fit for any Japanese household. Here at we strive to help turn your kitchen into a great culinary adventure, so why not check out Cooking & Sushi Making Book range, and try your hand at something new.

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