Mitomo Pure Skin Care Facial Essence Mask with Argan Oil, 130 g, 6 masks Stock limité (plus que 2)


Treat your skin to the finest refreshing care nature can offer.

With these premium brightening facial essence masks from Mitomo, give your face a soothingly thorough and revitalising treat that will leave your skin simply vibrant and supple to touch. Using high quality cotton masks coated in a naturally made pulp, each mask forms snugly and comfortably against any facial shape, with an essence of aloe vera to really help you unwind as the ingredients get to work. As a high source of essential antioxidants, acids and nutrients, found in the rich main ingredients, Argan and Coconut Oil, each mask is able to moisturise deeply, nourishing your skin with a healthy source of vitamins and minerals that is topped up and maintained by the additional sakura and green tea extract. Perfect for helping to repair any weary or damaged skin with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid as well, leave your skin feeling as young and energetic as ever. 

This pack contains 6 individual mask packs with English instructions included.

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