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  • 14921 plastic soba ochoko cup   black and red

Plastic Soba Ochoko Cup - Black and Red, 60 g

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Dip into Japanese dining with this traditional soba ochoko cup.

This cup comes as an amazing way to mix up your Japanese cooking, with its primary use for dipping soba noodles into sauces giving you the perfect excuse to experiment with different flavours in the kitchen. The simple shine of the black and red design really helps to bring out the colour and flavour of its contents, both colours frequently used in Japan to present food with great quality. It is light and adds a fun side of Japanese custom to your dining table, but is also great for pouring sake or even holding spices and pickles.

Made in Japan. Holds around 240ml.

Cup measures approx. 7.5cm in diameter, 7cm in height. Suitable for handwashing only.

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Japanese cuisine is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach and it makes cooking and presentation a vibrant and eye-opening part of the nation's culture. This being the case, Japan strives to present food with the same effort and care put into it's creation and thus offers all manner of high quality ceramics and useful daily tools in order to assist. Whether your Japanese cooking calls for one practical bowl or an assortment of serving plates, side dishes, rice bowls and cups, japancentre.com has the perfect serving options to make your meal complete. Take a look at our Dining section for our whole range.

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